Woke up at 6, tried to go back to sleep until 7:50 but at 6:30 Joni started playing with a bottle cap. I must have fooled around until close to 8. Got to work around 8:50.

When I arrived to work, I was told there was a client who was sketch. She left & came back a few times & tragically booked. Who knows maybe she’ll both show up & pay. Then, as i was reading mormon, the internet died. i used my phones internet for bosss computer until the end of my shift when the internet popped back on.

i left, forgot to look for sketch girl’s hospital bracelet she allegedly came in with, & went to the mall since it was close to 3. then i went to safeway with Syd. then we went home.

I made homemade tacos. better than any store that’s not authentically mexican. will totally do this from now on.

i realized today the importance of studying hypnotism, group think, conditioning/brainwashing, subliminal advertizing, chemicals, culture, etc etc, nlp, etc.

around bible study i realized that – supposing he really was accused of fraud – joseph smith could have been pretty intelligent. perhaps he made it alone or with quorum. perhaps he believed it ( i doubt that.) i think he was trying to settle everyone down with a really well told but super convenient lie, unfortunately steeped with influence from his courtroom days, but hey law is used a lot in scripture, plus our country had just been founded about 50 years prior. 1830 the book is done allegedly.

sister w cried a bit.

took Syd home. needed food for Joni. clear night. at walmart it was typhoon. instead of parking there i went to bashas. prolly shouldve done walmart instead. but the car didnt seem safe in that lot.anyway, at bashas i saw hail. finally almost home, but the area near the bridge was completely flooded. went up to indian bend & down scottsdale. got home.

oh there were 4 power lines down on scottsdale.

i offered help to the people on the bridge, but the fire dept said it’s chill.

i came home, showered, talked to syd, learned about coriolis effect, carlos sheffield i think, etc, & finished writing this, now sllep.

oh i unplugged my electronics, otherwise id have tried killer instinct snes on my pi.

SJWs are hypocritical if they eat food deviant from their historical genotype.

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